GRAND CROSS/Square August 21: Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus

Grand Cross / Grand Square on August 21st, 2013: Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus crossing

and the August 25th “loose” Grand Sextile

Making sense of diplomacy and war, balance and inequality, harmony and incompatibility

21 August 2013

21 August 2013 – Grand Cross

On August 21st, the Cardinal T-Square will transform into a Grand Cross with Venus in Libra replacing the missing angle.

As mentioned by several astrologers, a Grand Sextile-like formation will occur on August 25th. This is no real Sextile, but just the resemblance of one (the angles do not quite match), yet it is powerful enough to shelter us from the intense energy of the Grand Cross and to redefine its reach.

The compassionate mind

What has been going on in your (inner or outer) life in July, especially at the end of the month during the real Grand Sextile? Have you been able to tap into both your “masculine” (go-for-it/accomplished/willful) side as well as your “feminine” (self-nurturing/artistic/loving) side? What have you initiated or what has life initiated for you? The end of August will give you a second boost, conferring a conclusive stepping stone in the path you have laid out at the end of July.

Compare the three dates: July 29th (the Grand Sextile), August 21st (the Grand Cross) and August 25th (the Grand Cross meeting the loose Sextile). In July the Earth Trine part of the Sextile was formed by Pluto, the Moon and Venus. In August the Earth Trine is formed by Pluto, the Moon and the Sun plus Mercury.

The “Venusian” (artistic, graceful, loving) angle of the Trine is replaced by a “Solar” and “Mercurial” angle, prompting us to use logic (Mercury) as a weapon to shed light (the Sun) on the situation at hand. Instead of being part of a Grand Sextile, Venus will be entering the Grand Cross, allowing us to use that Mercurial detachment and Solar understanding while keeping our hearts compassionate in the midst of struggle.

Fear, optimism, individuality and empathy

The Grand Cross/Grand Square of August 21st will be formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Venus in Libra.

Jupiter and Pluto have been in opposition for quite some time. They are both fighting each other but also learning from each other. Pluto is the experienced and ruthless knight. He is the dark night of the soul. He reaps depression, fear and anger, and painfully transforms us. Jupiter is the optimistic and curious young soldier, too naive and privileged to fully comprehend war. The two fight mercilessly allowing us to find balance between pessimism and optimism, death and life, darkness and light. Pluto struggles to see the light; Jupiter struggles to see darkness. Pluto is the reminder of death. Jupiter is the reminder of life. Neither can exist without the other.

Uranus is the wild card in the field, the surprising (and possibly) violent uprising of our own individualistic needs and freedoms. Uranus -or Coelus, the god of the sky- only makes the fires of Jupiter and Pluto blow harder. When Venus enters the battlefield, Uranus and Venus fight the war of feisty action and gentle solutions, surprising frontal attacks and diplomatic intervention.

Harmony in discord

Venus/Aphrodite -ruler of Libra and Taurus- is the goddess of harmony, love and beauty. She signifies balance, and stands tall in her resolutions and proud of her ethics and diplomacy. She values her own self-worth and is nurturing and grounded.

Venus Grand CrossImagine a battlefield at the peak of war (August 21st). The opposing sides are already fighting when Venus comes in. She is like a white dove entering the arena even for just a few moments (days). She cannot really stop the battle (she is likely to be thrown into it as well) but her very presence somehow affects the course of the events.

The battle, as usual in astrology, is played in our own minds. Venus is the calming gentle wind of change. It is like a whisper in the ears of the combatants, reminding them (you) of their (your) own worth, and opening their (your) heart and mind to try to understand each others’ common humanity. A Grand Square is more about tolerating different stands/opinions/situations than it is about trying to merge them because the parts involved (the four planets sitting at 90 degrees of each other) are fundamentally irreconcilable.

What part of you has yet to come to the forefront? What “war” in your life could symbolically use a “white dove”? What power do you hold that can balance (yet not necessarily reconcile) the opposing forces in your life/mind? How can you use Venus symbolism of diplomacy and love to abate your biggest obstacles?

Venus will be sitting between 5 and 9 degrees Libra between August 21st and 25th. What sits on those degrees in your natal chart? Look at the planet or cusp Venus triggers: that point will tell you exactly what energy you will need to tap into to find an outlet to your current question.
If you’re not familiar with your own chart or with advanced astrology, contact me for a personalized reading.

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