July 26-31, 2013: the Grand Sextile and the T-Square

Transformation. Love. Power.

July concludes with the incredibly rare Grand Sextile on the 29th as planets start to align to the most prominent configuration of August, the Cardinal T-Square.  The gentle Water and Earth Trines of July will merge with and symbolically compete against the forceful T-Square to help us transform. The last few days of the month are characterized by a few astrology transits preparing us for this powerful alignment in August.

July 26th: Venus opposes Neptune: dreams and beauty clash against each other. Be truthful to your heart and make sure you see the truth behind appearances. Venus Sextiles Saturn: Ground in love. Commit. Persevere.

July 27th: Mars opposes Pluto: a glimpse into the T-Square.  The god of War and that of Transformation meet. Power struggles.  Make sure you don’t get too feisty or too impulsive…

July 28th: Sun squares Saturn. What do you want and what are the responsibilities you have to face to reach your goals? Venus Sextiles Jupiter: love and beauty meet the planet of luck, joy and expansion. Enough said…;-)

July 29th: The Grand Sextile or Star of David, see in-depth article by clicking on the link. What a powerful day!

July 30th: Venus Trines Pluto: love is passionate and deep today! Enough said on this one too… ;-)

July 31st: Mars squares Uranus: the Cardinal T-Square is aligning… Make sure you know who you are and stand tall and proud. But not too proud…Transformation is necessary at times. You cannot control everything…

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