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Art Portfolios

The blue, pink, yellow, red and digital arts’ galleries


The Blue Gallery

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.”– Paul Gauguin


The Pink Gallery

“I believe in pink. […] I believe in miracles.” ― Audrey Hepburn


The Yellow Gallery

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” —Pablo Picasso


The Red Gallery

“The true color of life is the color of the body, the color of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses. It is the modest color of the unpublished blood.” –Alice Meynell


Digital Art

Computer Illustrations and more

* * * Artist Statement * * *

“Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God.” Rembrandt.

“I often do not know where my inspiration comes from, but it always leads me to a truth that cannot be explained by words alone. Art to me is the expression of the divine. Sometimes it is an ecstatic meditation, and sometimes it is a cathartic experience. Many times it is a vehicle to inspire others to see the world through the eyes of love.

Art opens the mind to view the greater mysteries: it is the key to the secret compartments of the soul.

Art is a gift: it is a present that is received and given at the same time.

Art is timeless: it resides in the power of the present moment.

Art embraces all that is seen and unseen. It shows us the hidden wishes of our spirit and the sacred meaning of our lives.

Art is made of the same matter of dreams; it can never die.

Art makes dreams come true; it is the bliss that we experience when we follow our hearts.

I have once heard that God can be found in the link between the mind and the heart. Art and the creative process are the closest means I have found to glance at the Truth behind that statement.”


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